The Purpose of Membership

  • To join in forming a church community that reflects the relationship between the Father, Son, and Spirit.
  • To clarify the on-going blessings & responsibilities of each member.
  • To encourage consistency, accountability, and loving unity within the church family.
  • To fulfill God’s call for the local church. 

Qualifications for Membership

A member of Resurrection Church must:
1. Repent of sin, believe in Christ alone for salvation, and show the fruit of that faith.
2. Have been baptized upon profession of faith.
3. Ascribe general agreement with the Statement of Faith, humbly submit to the loving care of the elders, and strive for unity.

The Membership Process

Step One

Prospective members notify elders of their desire for membership and read the Statement of Faith, By-Laws, and Church Covenant.  

Step Two

Schedule a meeting with the elders to ask further questions and share your Christian conversion & understanding of the gospel.

Step Three

The elders will assess potential member(s) and if necessary, provide baptism for the potential member(s).

Step Four

Sign the church covenant and be presented to the church as a new member.